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Top Twelve Book Covers For 2012

You don't buy a book for its cover? Well ... That is probably true - but you make note of a book by its cover. And 'by' can equal 'buy'. I note that for the first example, the designer who chose the cover as an example did not know swhat it meant, or if it even conveyed the idea of the book. Just to show that the reason for a book cover is to get you to look at the book. Like that stirring first line / first paragraph / first page. They are all so important.

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Favorite Book Cover Designs of 2012


  • We asked people in and around the world of graphic design to name one of their favorite book covers from 2012 and briefly describe its appeal. The results follow:

    “The Map and the Territory” by Michel Houellebecq (Vintage)
    Jacket design by John Gall.
    Collage by Jordan Clark.
    Selected by Megan Wilson.

    I have no idea what this cover means and it shouldn’t even work — it’s barely legible — and yet it’s so different from anything else that it begs to be studied closely and then taken home. This is the sort of cover that transcends any clever marketing plan, helpful sales input and well-meaning editorial direction. It’s a cover that strides boldly into the realm of fine art. Forget about e-books, it says, this is something weird and cool and highly desirable and it can be yours for just $16.

    Megan Wilson is the art director of Vintage and Anchor Books.

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