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I give this as information and not as a promotion. Check out the link and decide. The fact is that this is the first succinct description (which I have seen, at least) of what a *platform* consists of. Also, a manuscript of mine was last month rejected by a major New York publisher, after grand praise about my abilities and the project itself (the word "genius" was used) because I, as the author, did not have a "platform".

Accelerate your exposure with a great book marketing plan Develop Your Author Platform
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WHEN Wednesday, May 6, 6:45-9:45 pm

WHERE University Settlement, 273 Bowery (at E. Houston), New York, NY 10002

This seminar is ideal for those working on nonfiction book proposals or those with book deals.

$65 ($50 for )
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Course Details

Having a great book idea is only half the battle. Having a great marketing plan is what will make your book a true success. But how can you make your work now stand out in an incredibly crowded publishing marketplace? The answer lies in your ability -- and your determination -- to personally publicize both your book and yourself to the media and new audiences. Whether you're still in the proposal stages of your book or have completed it and landed a publisher, this seminar will give you the tips you need to get your book noticed.

Learn how to turn your book or product's mission into a unique and attractive piece of content for magazines and television, how to pitch that content to editors and television bookers, and how to use new technology like Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking engines to your marketing advantage.

In this seminar, you will learn:

  • How to spin and restructure your content to make it attractive to magazine and newspaper editors
  • How to leverage your credibility to get on television and radio
  • How to turn niche bloggers into your own guerilla marketing team
  • How to put regional magazine editors across the country to work for you
  • How to optimize Facebook and Twitter and other online networking sites as marketing engines
  • The truth about Huffington Post bloggers, and how to become one
  • How to pitch magazines and newspapers
  • (more)

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It will be interesting to

It will be interesting to see whether having a platform increases chances of the trains stopping at your station.

Hope your project meets with success!