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The Person J K Rowling Most Misses From Harry Potter

I thought this was an interesting situation for an author. Which character would the creator of a novel miss the most? Rowling's choice pleases me.

It set me to pondering my own array of characters. Perhaps Rowling was pondering the ones she has killed off, though authors can always bring back characters in one way or another. Or, if not bring them back after their demise, at least write about them in some manner before the event happened. 

Not having written a long series centred on one particular world, as has Rowling, I have a more diverse array of characters. Generally when a novel is done, my characters have done their work, I have told their story, and we part company. We are not tired of each other but we move on to other lives and situations.  But I do miss them. [DE]

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'Harry Potter' 15 Years Later: J.K. Rowling Misses Dumbledore the Most

By Lauren Sher 

It's been 15 years since J.K. Rowling introduced Harry Potter and the wizarding world to readers and sparked a cultural phenomenon. While the best-selling author has moved on, largely putting the signature genre of fantasy behind her, there's one Potter character above all she wishes she could bring back to life to talk with her - and it's not Harry.

It's Dumbledore.

"Of all the other characters in the Harry Potter series, he's the one I miss the most," Rowling said in a video for Scholastic Books, which debuted exclusively on " Good Morning America" today.

Rowling said that Dumbledore, Hogwarts' headmaster and Harry's beloved mentor and sage, is the character with whom she had the strongest connection while writing the series.

"I feel like I wrote Dumbledore from the back of my head. Sometimes he said things and told Harry things that I only knew I knew or believed until … I saw that I had written them down in the voice of Dumbledore," Rowling said. "He was the character who was hardest to leave for me. He was the person who I'd have come back physically and sit and talk to me. It would be Dumbledore."