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OK, this is kinda fun. If you haven't tied, give it a go. Sure, someone is trying to sell you something, but its a hoot for ten minutes.

I put in two sample writings. One was from my Kafka novel. I was told I write like H.P.Lovecraft. The second sample was today's FOG blog. It came up as James Joyce. Oh - the company I keep.


100,000 Readers Visited I Write Like in a Single DayBy Jason Boog on Jul 14, 2010 12:44 PM

Yesterday we introduced you to the web-based "I Write Like"--a program that measures your prose against famous writers. According to the site, 100,000 people visited the literary game in one crazy day.

The site was created by Coding Robots and the journal-writing software Memoires. According to the site's Twitter feed, the database is drawn from the Gutenberg Top 100 and Wikipedia's list of bestselling books.

Today one of the creators blogged: "I Write Like has been visited by 100,000 people yesterday. New tweets mentioning IWL are appearing every five seconds or so. Facebook is on fire, and 'I write like' badges are appearing in blogs every minute. Margaret Atwood, who is in our database of famous writers, tweeted about it (apparently, she doesn't write like herself...oops :). We'll make sure to train the database with more of her works).

http://www.mediabistro.com/galleycat/trends/100000_readers_visited_i_write_like_in_a_single_day_167609.asp(the site)http://iwl.me/

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Yep. I tried it. Came back

Yep. I tried it. Came back that I write like James Joyce AND Margaret Atwood.
Oh, the beauty of the parallel universe.

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I'll be James and you be

I'll be James and you be Joyce. OK?

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Just as long as I get top

Just as long as I get top billing!

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I Did it!

I write like James Joyce and/or Stephen King.
so - I pasted some Stephen King paragraphs - and he writes like Dan Brown.
But wait there's more...
I pasted in Jean Rhys - and she writes like James Joyce.
But when I pasted in James Joyce - it came back James Joyce.

So there you are.
Great fun!