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Sure, She Has A Nice Ass, But . . .

Nothing against the lady (my eyes were riveted like millions of others). And - of course - we won't whisper about her family connections for - surely - that had no reason in the contemplation of this book deal. And I am - of course - glad she "... has been setting aside several hours a day to draft chapters."    I know the feeling. And even though it is her first book I'm sure there is every chance it will be of stellar quality and I will come away informed and nourished. All power to her. But I do look a tad askance at the advance which she was offered and (very sensibly) accepted. Perhaps the publishing world is not in such dire straights as presumed. Yes, I know the sale of this book will raise all our boats. And yes - Penguin, I'm looking at you - I have my own manuscript to send. But, still . . .  




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Pippa p-p-p-picks up a perfect party book deal: Penguin pays her £400,000 after winning bidding war



Pippa Middleton has signed a six- figure deal to write a book about being the perfect party hostess. 


The younger sister of the Duchess of Cambridge is believed to be banking a cheque for £400,000 after a fierce bidding war with some of the country’s biggest publishing houses. 

Pippa’s literary agent David Godwin is believed to have finalised the deal last week, which is understood to be with publisher Michael Joseph, an imprint of Penguin books. 


HarperCollins and Random House’s subsidiary, Cornerstone, were also said to be keen to buy the book, but Penguin outbid them.


Pippa, 28, has told friends she signed the deal last week and will not be employing a ghost writer. She has been setting aside several hours a day to draft chapters.


‘Pippa says it’s a nerve-racking prospect but she is looking forward to the challenge of writing her first book,’ said a friend. ‘She had to deliver a synopsis that was sent to a number of publishers under a strict confidentiality agreement. There were some serious offers, but Penguin stumped up the most cash.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2066738/Pippa-Middleton-p-p-p-picks-perfect-party-book-deal-Penguin-pays-400k.html#ixzz1euwg7RAT