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Special Granta Magazine 9/11 Issue


Granta Focuses on ‘Complexity & Sorrow of Life’ Since 9/11

By Jason Boog 


The “10 Years Later” issue of Granta focuses on 9/11 and its aftermath, and the literary journal will sponsor nearly 50 events around the globe to continue the conversation.

The events will be held through October 11, ranging from the Wordstock Festival in Oregon to the Brooklyn Book FestivalFollow these links to find events in your neigborhood: USA & Canada,UK,Europe and South Asia. RSVP for free events at events@granta.com.

Here’s more from the journal: “A street vendor in Tunisia, an American marine going home and a signals operator on a North Korean fishing trawler. From the battlefields of Afganistan to the streets of Mogadishu and Toronto, these are just a few of the stories in the issue of Granta that conjure the complexity and sorrow of life since 11 September 2001.”