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Some New Revelations About Agatha Christie

Years ago - yes, many years ago - when I regularly reviewed books, I favourably reviewed one of Agatha Christie's mysteries (I assume the most recent). Three or so weeks later Christie died and I like to think she died happy holding my review. Whether this might be the last mention in her note books remains - for the moment - a mystery.

Agatha Christie

Agatha Christie

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And Then There Were Notebooks: a Q&A with John Curran 

By Gabe Habash 



On November 22, Agatha Christie archivist (and lifelong fan) John Curran releases Murder in the Making: More Stories and Secrets from Agatha Christie’s Notebooks, his second volume of posthumous discoveries from Christie’s unpublished notes. Emailing from Dublin, Curran previews some of those discoveries for the Tip Sheet.

 What do Christie's archives reveal about her? What new things can we learn from them? There is nothing of a very personal nature in the Notebooks (booklists, plants for the garden, Christmas presents) so we learn little about Christie the person. But they tell a lot about Christie the detective novelist – mostly how hard she worked! Every page of every Notebook is full of ideas for stories and she polished and revised and improved them to turn them into the books we know and admire. They also show how disorganised she was, and in that they are totally unlike her books, which are highly organised and intricate.