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So You Want Your Book Published

If you want your book published - which is a natural conclusion to writing one (though Kafka was never in that much haste so to do) - you have more options than ever. To my liking, being published by and established publisher *plus* getting your manuscript onto an eReader is the best of all worlds. However, there are methods for you to have direct ePublishing. This article is an informative compilation.

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Publishing Options for Your Book

by Sydney LeBlanc




How Will Your Book Be Published?

 Let’s talk today about publishing and what are your options for your book now that you have a manuscript. (If you don’t have a traditional publisher like a Simon and Schuster or a McGraw Hill, we will need to talk about the design and production of your book so you can self publish (we’ll do that in the next blog posting). But for now, I will just outline your publishing options.

 Basically, your options are the following:

  • Mainstream or business/trade publisher (you may need an agent for this these days)
  • Self publishing, which may include working with book printers, POD publishers (Print on Demand) and creating e-books.

If your manuscript is accepted and published by a mainstream or trade/business publisher, here is what you can expect:

  • There is an entirely new set of guidelines which requires getting an agent, or going directly to a publisher such as McGraw Hill, Bloomberg, or John Wiley & Sons, for example. Because of the electronic encroachment on their services, mainstream publishers are not publishing as many books and are very choosy about what they publish.
  • It can take longer (there are usually only two publishing seasons, spring and fall, with a few exceptions) and they will want you to help with the marketing. Of course, they take care of the printing and distribution (to bookstores and Amazon etc), and limited marketing, if that’s what you need.
  • They do all of the editing, production, design, and printing.