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Sleepless In Seattle - Kafka's "Trial" At The INS

If what goes around comes around, then performing an adaptation of Kafka's The Trial in a former INS building will leave the muses spinning. This small theatre occupies the space where people once swore their citizenship allegiance. It is also beneath the cells where those of questionable citizenship could be held for years. Kafka himself would no doubt be caught halfway on the stairwell. [DE]



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NCTC stages The Trial in old INS office

by Rosemary Jones

New Century Theatre Company opens their fifth season tonight (April 5) with the world premiere of Kenneth Albers’ adaptation of Franz Kafka’s The Trial.

The company decided to stage the play in an intimate 71-seat space in the former INS Building, 815 Seattle Blvd South. Artistic Darragh Kennan answered a few questions about the decision to stage the show in the International District as well as playing the lead role of Joseph K.

New Century Theatre Company has a history of performing in different places around Seattle. What made you decide on the new INScape space for this one?
When we heard that Satori Group was moving into a new space that was located in the old INS building in Seattle, we almost laughed because it was so perfect for Kafka's famous story about isolation, personal freedom, and institutional bureaucracy. In fact, we will be performing in the very room where people were sworn in as US Citizens. The Building also was a place where people were held for weeks, months, or even years in holding cells on the second floor. The cells have been taken away now, but the graffiti scroll of inmates can still be seen on the outdoor walls of the courtyard on the second floor. We believe places have history and story and that which comes before has a lasting impact. We can't wait to play with the ghosts of the INS.