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Shakespeare Neither Went To - Nor Is - Oxford

There are some salient links in this article. This whole nonsense of Shakespeare not writing his plays and poems seems cut from whole cloth. It is not that his detractors have not heard of genius, or do not believe in it. They are envious of it.

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Will The Real Will Shakespeare Please Stand Up?

by Gretchen Gavett

One of life’s great joys is impressing other people with your knowledge of literary feuds.

So as you head off this weekend to watch the new Shakespeare film Anonymous – or maybe not if you read A.O. Scott’s review in today’s New York Timeswhich describes the film “a vulgar prank on the English literary tradition, a travesty of British history and a brutal insult to the human imagination” — FRONTLINE is here to give you the dirt on who this Edward de Vere guy is, and why he’s at the center of a scholarly debate about the true identity of one of history’s greatest writers, courtesy of our 1989 film The Shakespeare Mystery.

There are three major theories about Shakespeare’s identity: Was he an actor from Stratford; Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford; or playwright Christopher Marlowe? Anonymous says it was de Vere, arguing that because being a playwright was frowned upon in noble circles (and because his plays were politically scandalous), de Vere was forced to write under a nom de plume.