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Sex Gets Author On Time's Top 100 List

As long as an author can still make it to any type of fame list - I'll even settle for infamous - it's OK by me. People are still reading books. That tide raises my book also. So, all power to E.L. James, who has not only leapt from obscurity but also the world of ePublishing to make it in the "real" world.


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E.L. James Makes TIME 100 List

By Jason Boog

Fifty Shades of Grey author E.L. James debuted onTIME magazine’s TIME 100 list this year, joining comedians turned writers and Steve Jobs’ biographer on the prestigious list.

TIME editor-at-large Brenda Luscombe wrote: “Six months ago she was Erika Leonard, a mother of two who dabbled in saucy stories for the Web. Now she’s E.L. James, publishing phenomenon, whose Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy has deeply stirred booksellers, Hollywood and, apparently, many, many mothers. Reading may never be the same.”

The TIME 100 list also included...