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Selling eBooks With Mini Movies

Perhaps some day, in those blocks of annoying advertisement which so often sully the showing of a movie in a movie house, there will be ads for books. Indeed, ads for those books from which so many movies spring. Indeed, again, ads for other books by the same author. Don't fight the trend - work it.

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On Location: Book publishers borrowing a page from Hollywood

by Richard Verrier



In a sewer beneath Las Vegas, a lethal vixen named Abigail is locked in a mortal struggle an outlaw cowboy with ties to Greek gods.

The scene, recently filmed over three days on a sound stage in Glendale, wasn't for a new sci-fi TV series or movie.

It was for a 30-second commercial spot aired on Google TV to promote "Retribution," the latest chapter in the popular paranormal book series "Dark Hunter" from best-selling author Sherrilyn Kenyon.

Such commercials, or so-called book trailers, have become increasingly common as publishers look for novel ways to market their best sellers at a time when fewer people are buying physical copies of booksand chains like Borders Group are shutting down. Publishers, which are reducing author advances and slashing print runs, have begun to spend big money to produce full-blown dramatizations that bring book characters to life. That's a far cry from only a few years ago when publishers promoted their books using only commercials containing a few stock photos and voice-over narration.