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The Poet and the Pachyderm were recorded for television consumption, and we were a peppy, if not downright dynamic, duo. And no hogging of the limelight since the restricted space kept cheeks close to jowls. To say nothing of the wired mics clipped to appropriate places upon our personages. The camera crew were tucked in a corner behind, and to one side, of the audience,  whose collective heads I hope will appear in every shot. Attentive and nodding in agreement, broken by bouts of laughter at the funny parts. A live audience makes any reading, well, lively. My partner the poet commented later that she was occasionally surprised, when she looked up from the poems, to see the camera. I felt the same so I guess we did not play for the denizens of vacuumland. We are both animated presenters and an audience encourages that. One of my Elephant stories deals with the Elephant creating "poems", so I make a point of reading it on this tour. I engage the services of the already present poet to read the "poems". Together are we in infamy, and just ripe for a TV closeup. One review of the book stated these were the worst poems the reviewer ever read. I do make a point that no real poets were harmed in the making of the story. To my eye it seemed the question period at the end was hesitant until it was apparent that that part was not being recorded. But then, those first questions are always difficult to elicit. Taking advantage (as any true author does) of the situation offered, I asked the poet what was for supper. A voice from the audience shouted out "Pizza!"