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Queen Elizabeth II Becomes Author Of A Children's Book {Almost}

And you can imagine where the royalties go.


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Queen answer's children's questions in new book, Does the Queen Wear Her Crown In Bed?

  • By Claire Connelly

The RoyalsThe 32 page children's books is an attempt to answer the many questions The Queen receives from inquisitive children. Picture: The Royal Collections. The Daily Telegraph


ONE is quite amused.

As the head of the royal family, Queen Elizabeth receives lots of fan mail from children with burning questions about what it’s like to be Queen.

Questions such as “Does the Queen wear a crown to bed?” and "Does that wreak havoc on your hair?" come up frequently.

Then there's “Is the Queen’s throne comfy to sit on?" and "Does it have grooves from the bottoms of past monarchs?"

To answer these and many more important questions (and to save on royal letterhead), the Queen has published a children’s book aimed to delight and inform the thousands of children who write to her.

The 32-page paperback Does the Queen Wear Her Crown In Bed? was inspired by a question asked by a child when he was visiting Buckingham Palace.



And we don't want to spoil the plot, but the Queen denies donning the royal headgear with her PJs.

It follows the adventures of a pair of cartoon children who are accompanied by a royal footman and one of the Queen’s corgis as they explore Buckingham Palace.

Jemima Rellie, director of publishing and new media at the Royal Collection told The Daily Mail the book was written so that children could understand the importance of the pomp and ceremony of the palace.



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