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Publishers Want Sex, Sex And - Now - More Sex

Yesterday I blogged about Death. So, it only seems appropriate that today the topic is Sex. I've been full of accolades about the great success of FIFTY SHADES OF GREY, because, I'm for any novel which gets people buying books. I was as cheerful about HARRY POTTER - particularly if the readers are younger and then teens. They will eventually go on to read more books. They will then be as discerning as they want. These book sales will help to make sure an audience continues for the written word.

And - hey - just like Death, I have an adequate amount of Sex in my novels. None of it is what is classed as kinky, but some of it is deliciously explicit. Consenting adults, removal of clothes, attention paid to body parts -and then, replacing the older signal of  cigarettes being shared at the end - they can curl up with a good book.


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'Fifty Shades' proves sex sells, so publishers want more

By Deirdre Donahue


If 1967 was the summer of love, will 2012 be the summer of sex — at least on bookshelves?

Readers are snapping up E.L. James' Fifty Shades erotic trilogy faster than billionaire Christian Grey can handcuff his innocent young mistress Ana.

No surprise, then, that mainstream publishers are eager to pounce on the next hot new erotic romance.

Berkley has already scored with Bared to You, Sylvia Day's tale of erotic obsession, which climbs this week to No. 10 from No. 36 on USA TODAY's Best-Selling Books list. Originally self-published, Bared was snapped up and repackaged with a Shades-like cover featuring silver and gold cufflinks.

"Everyone in publishing was trying to figure out what the Fifty Shades of Grey fans would read next," says Berkley Books publisher Leslie Gelbman. "When we discovered Bared to You, we knew it had the potential to be the next erotic romance breakthrough."