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Publicity Fuels Sales For Authors (And Makes Them Money)

I've had the argument with other authors about 'book reviews'. I contend that if 100 people read a good review, 50 people will by the book. And if 100 people read a bad review, 50 people will buy the book. The point is - they have to know about the book. Just make sure the title and author's name is spelled correctly.

The fact that no fiction was deemed worthy for this year's Pulitzer Prize aside, take note of the increased sales for the novels in question.


There’s No Such Thing As Bad Publicity, Right

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Lack Of Pulitzer Didn’t Hurt Book Sales

By Dianna Dilworth

While no Pulitzer Prize was awarded for fiction this year, it didn’t hurt book sales as many booksellers worried.

In fact, the controversial press may have helped salesfor Train Dreams by Denis JohnsonSwamplandia!by Karen Russell and The Pale King by David Foster Wallace, all of which were nominated.

The New York Observer has more: “Thanks to the coverage surrounding the non-awarding of the 2012 Pulitzer, sales of all three finalists were spiking; one of those titles, Denis Johnson’s Train Dreams, had even sold out in hardcover on Amazon. (My own informal canvass of half-a-dozen Manhattan bookstores last week likewise failed to turn up a single copy of Train Dreams.) These initial returns suggested two healthy correctives to the general publishers’ alarm.”