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Old Books Smell Good - Science Proves It

I have my doubts that books printed in the last ten years will necessarily reek of the "old book smell" two hundred years from now. And the way the world changes there might not be any printed books ten years from now. So perhaps you should just grab some old book of pleasant memory, sit down with a snifter in the wing chair and ...  inhale.

Reading In A Wing Chair - Studio # Unknown

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Why Do Old Books Smell So Good? (VIDEO)


E-book sales may be on the rise, but some readers remain faithful to their physical novels. Is it the act of turning a page or the prospect of stumbling upon new stories in bookstore aisles that keeps hardcover readers coming back for more? Most will tell you that e-readers lack the multi-sensory experience of physical books -- the sight, the touch, and yes, the smell.

Like fresh rain or comfort food, sniffing a worn favorite novel is a calming experience. But why do old books smell so great?