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New Václav Havel Biography To Be Written

Such things come with death and will probably be of a more 'immediate' tone than a work further down the road. It is interesting that a diplomat is the one to write it. Surely more literary fare will follow.


© Reuters, D. ČernýŽantovský's biography should coincide with the 25th anniversary of the protest which toppled formerr Czechoslovakia's communist regime

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Czech ambassador to UK signed up for Václav Havel biography

Amb. Michael Žantovský is to pen a biography of Václav Havel that should be released on the 25th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution

by Chris Johnstone

The Czech Republic’s current ambassador to Britain, Michael Žantovský, has sealed deals with British and US publishing houses for a biography in English of former dissident leader and president Václav Havel, which should come out in 2014.

Žantovský told the business daily Hospodářské noviny that the biography would pay homage to Havel but be unbiased. “It will certainly not be about my relations with Havel,” he said.

The ambassador was Havel’s first press spokesman in January 1990, soon after the playwright turned dissident became the country’s first non-communist president in more than 40 years in the wake of the Velvet Revolution. Žantovský had earlier become one of the founding members of Civic Forum (OF), the broad grouping of opponents to communism who led the overthrow of the former regime and helped put former Czechoslovakia back on the road to democracy before splitting apart as traditional party politics remerged.