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Neither A Sow's Ear Nor A Pig In A Poke From The Empress Of Blandings

As I post elsewhere here, P G Wodehouse was a profound influence upon my writing. I particularly enjoyed the novels which, er, exposed The Empress of Blandings. Wodehouse was a master of the comedic and the comic. His dialogue was to swoon for. One of his characters, Jeeves, has entered the pantheon of those known by the popular culture. He gave us, through a torturous path worthy of his own plotting,  House MD.

I would be honoured to win such an accolade as does Sir Terry Pratchett. And I'd guzzle the champers. And I'd look my name sake swine  in the eye and smile. If I happened to be thinking of rashers o' bacon, well ...

The Empress of Blandings is IMMORTAL:

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Hay Festival 2012: Sir Terry Pratchett wins Wodehouse award

 Sir Terry Pratchett has won the Bollinger Everyman Wodehouse Prize, and will have a pig named in his honour.Sir Terry Pratchett dated 1/5/2012 (Sir Terry Pratchett Photo: PA)


by Catherine Gee




British fantasy author Sir Terry Pratchett will have a pig named after his latest novel to celebrate his winning the 13th Bollinger Everyman Wodehouse award.

The award, which is given to the book that best captures the “comic spirit” of PG Wodehouse, will be presented to Pratchett for his 39th Discworld novel Snuff.

It comes a week after the writer won a Bafta for his documentary about euthanasia, Choosing to Die.

Pratchett beat fellow nominees John O’Farrell (The Man Who Forgot His Wife), Julian Gough (Jude in London), Sue Townsend (The Woman Who Went to Bed for a Year) and John Lanchester (Capital) to the title.

The prize itself includes a case of champagne, a set of Wodehouse novels, and the unusual honour of having a locally bred Gloucestershire Old Spot pig named after the winning work. Pratchett will be presented with the prize at The Telegraph Hay Festival on Wednesday 6 June, and will also be speaking at the festival about his life and career.