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List Of Lists - Agents And Editors On Twitter Tell What They Want

Wander around in these fields for awhile and some avenue should open for authors wanting agents and publishers. It seems to offer something for everyone, though there is (of course) lots of repetition. [DE]

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Literary Agents Share Manuscript Wish Lists

By Jason Boog

Hundreds of agents, editors and publishers have shared their manuscript wish lists on Twitter, using the popular MSWL hashtag.

Below, we’ve created a Storify post linking to many of the posts from yesterday–they are arranged in a massive list, in no particular order. The list is perfect if you are looking for a literary agent or some literary inspiration.

If you want more, young adult writer KK Hendin created an Agent and Editor Wish List Tumblr page linking to many of the posts in a simple format. (Image via waferboard)