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List Of Highest eBook Sales At Christmas

Others might get and receive eBooks at Christmas but I actually got two (2) hefty hard cover tomes, one of 354 real paper pages and the other of 564 real paper pages.  One a cook book which includes four (4)  onion recipes, and the other a history concerning the last year of Hitler's empire (he lost). I can now do lifting exercises with each hand. 

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What Sold in E Over Christmas  
By Rachel Deahl 

Last year, when we asked publishers for their five bestselling e-books over Christmas, we received lists full of frontlist bestsellers, with a handful of backlist hits in the mix. This year, we again approached publishers for the same lists—in most cases sales are only for December 25 and 26, though in some instances sales are for the entire holiday week—and results are similar. While a number of expected bestsellers drew consumers who were given a tablet or e-reader, or a gift card to one of the e-book storefronts, there were also a healthy dose of backlist titles being downloaded.

Four titles from last year’s lists again topped the charts. At St. Martin’s, in 2011, as in 2010, Tatiana de Rosnay’s Sarah’s Key was big in digital. At Penguin, it was Kathryn Stockett’s unstoppable hit The Help that once again topped the chart, likely benefiting from the Oscar buzz swirling around the novel’s film adaptation. (The film The Help hit theaters in August and is just now available on DVD.) For Random House Stieg Larsson still dominated the top five, with The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest both making its list. (LikeThe Help, the Larsson books may have gotten a boost from Hollywood, as director David Fincher’s adaptation of book one in the Millennium Trilogy was one of the heavily promoted, if slightly underperforming, holiday movies.)

Simon & Schuster received not one but two bumps from Stephen King—the author’s recently released 11/22/63 made the house’s list, as well as his digital short Mile 81, a $2.99 e-book that S&S initially released as a free teaser for 11/22/63 in August. (The digital short went on sale in September.) Hachette’s list contained two books from the Twilight saga—last year Stephenie Meyer was absent from the house’s top five—helped, we assume, by the success of the latest Twilight film, Breaking Dawn, at the box office.