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Like It Or Not, On Black Friday People Do Buy Books Because Of Their Cover

Black Friday is now spreading into Canada. I have already had one email telling me of all the fantastic sales available at the local book store. Good for them! I, personally, know of no bandwagon upon which I would not jump.

And - well ... maybe - people don't buy books solely for their covers. But they sure pick them up and look at them. And that is the first (and, some would say) greatest step. So, here is an interesting compilation of different covers for the same book - one British and one American. To my eye, for generated interest, they come out about 50/50.


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Who Has the Better Book Covers: U.S. or U.K.?

by Gabe Habash


During a stop at Dublin’s Hodges Figgis, I was struck by two things as an American reader. One: most U.K. paperbacks have cheap binding. Two: the covers of most books on the other side of the Atlantic differ drastically from what we see in the States. With the exception of Penguin Classics and a few other publishers that are in both markets, a trip through a U.K. bookstore is an altogether different experience.

Here are 10 books, U.K. on the left and U.S. on the right. Which do you prefer?

1. A Confederacy of Dunces by John Kennedy Toole












2. The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood