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"Leopards In A Temple" - A New Kafka Anthology

Alas, this anthology (and an introduction to new readers) is only in Czech. Well, alas for those of us who don't read Czech. Kafka himself was conversant in the language and wrote some of his non-fiction in Czech.

At any rate, the more Kafka the better. We can hope it will not be too far from an English translation. [DE]

Franz Kafka

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New anthology of Kafka's works aims at both his fans, beginners

Prague, Sept 28 (CTK) - A new anthology of Franz Kafka's texts appeared in Czech bookshops these days, prepared by Josef Cermak, an expert focusing on Kafka (1883-1924), as a book aiming at both Kafka's fans and the "beginners" who want to acquaint themselves with his work.

The Franz Kafka Publisher issued the book Leopardi v chramu (Leopards in a Temple) on the occasion of the 130th birth anniversary of Kafka, the world-famous Prague Jewish German-speaking author.