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Kafka To Be Turned Into A Twisted Video Game

Some might say that there could be no other type of video game representing Kafka than one described as "twisted". Why, just remain on the original script and the rest follows. I dunno how well 'gamers' will take to Kafka, but I'm reasonably sure Kafka would try his hand at it. True, he was no fan of 'modern' technology (although he is credited with inventing the 'safety helmit', and he was the first writer to ever describe an air show for a newspaper). But that's Kafka. Can we say contradictions?


drawing by Kafka:

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Kafka stories to metamorphose into “twisted” new adventure

By Jack Allin


Shakespeare is probably still rolling in his grave over mif2000's delightfully quirky adaptation of Hamlet, and now the indie developer has set his sights on a new classic author in The Franz Kafka Videogame.

Rather than following any of Kafka's individual storylines, the game will be a "compilation of different ideas" from his collected works. According to the designer, the "twisted" basic formula for the game will be "The Castle + Amerika + The Metamorphosis + some surreal and absurd ideas."