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Kafka On Stage In Colorado - Between Screams And Laughter

Kudos to any theatre troupe that offers the broad spectrum of Kafka from his humour to his horror. Sounds like a roller coaster of a ride to me - in a Kafka Fun House.


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Review: CSU brings Kafka to life

by Stacy Nick


 The Kafka Project."Willa Bograd is Josephine in "Josephine the Singer," a short sroty by Franz Kafka brought to the stage as part of Walt Jones's project "Chrysalis: The Kafka Project." / Courtesy of Bill Cotton

I never thought of Franz Kafka as a particularly funny guy — until I saw him through Walt Jones’s eyes, that is.

 The CSU Co-director of the Division of Dance and Theatre’s sampling of some of Kafka’s works makes the writer not only funny but also accessible, a feat for anyone who’s tackled some of Kafka’s more bizarre stories. 

 Jones’s “Chrysalis: The Kafka Project” is a sampling of writings, including six of Kafka’s major works and entries from his diaries and letters. 

 As the project writer and director, Jones clearly enjoyed the challenge of bringing Kafka’s work to the stage, mixing the stories between the ridiculous (“Josephine the Singer”) and the horrific (“In the Penal Colony”). 

 The show opens with an excerpt from Kafka’s first novel, the unfinished “Amerika,” before quickly rolling into “A Report to an Academy,” in which an ape tells a group of scientists why he chose to become a man. 

The show’s centerpiece is Kafka’s most famous story, “The Metamorphosis,” in which a man wakes up to discover he has transformed into a giant bug. The seg-ment's soundtrack features original music composed and performed by CSU faculty members James David and Peter Sommer.