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Kafka Is The Influence For Giorgio Armani's Newest Fashions In Paris

Kafka was always well dressed and took pains to look 'good'. He had an important social standing through both his work and at his social gatherings. He represented his employer both at official functions and as a lawyer appearing in court.  He was often in the coffee houses and the theatre and travelled extensively throughout central Europe. But even he might have been brought up short by being the inspiration for a new fashion line. Mind you, he would have loved being seated front row on the runway.

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Kafka, Prague, 1922

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A model presents a creation by Italian designer Giorgio Armani as part of his Haute Couture Spring-Summer 2012 fashion show for Giorgio Armani Prive in Paris January 24, 2012.

Paris Fashion Week: Armani Prive Goes Green With Envy

by Marisa Krystian

The Armani Prive Spring-Summer 2012 show for Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week on Tuesday made onlookers green with envy, taking a cue from reptiles and amphibians for the collection.

Italian designer Giorgio Armani was inspired by German author Franz Kafka's "The Metamorphosis" about a man who is transformed into a reptile-like creature. Armani used this allegory to design a collection for a woman "who is at first calm and easy and then is drawn out of her own skin" with reptile texture, green hues and snake prints.

The 44-piece collection was predominately green-hued organza for the neon reptile vibe. Using virtually every shade of green, from Kelly green to bright chartreuse to deeper forest hues Armani contrasted the sea creature vibe with buffers of mesh and netting, embellished Swarvoski crystal adornments and shiny metallics and sequins to denote the modern day reptile.