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Kafka Inspires Bizarre Play In Budapest

But then, it seems that Kafka inspires a number of bizarre interpretations. Why anyone thinks that Kafka is bizarre is itself odd. He just looks at reality with a certain penetrating depth.

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01.jpgAndrás Vinnai - Viktor Bodó: Rattledanddisappeared

by olnár Gál  

Inspired by The Trial by Franz Kafka.


With Ernő Fekete, Péter Takátsy, Vilmos Vajdai, Vilmos Kun, Tamás Keresztes, Ferenc Lengyel, Ervin Nagy, Réka Tenki, Zoltán Rajkai, Éva Olsavszky, Adél Jordán, István Dankó, Béla Mészáros, Judit Rezes, Lehel Kovács



Set Design:Levente BagossyCostumes:Krisztina BerzsenyiChoreographie:Áron SchmidtMusic:Péter Kunert, VilmosVajdaiLyrics:Zsolt Máthé, Ádám SchönbergerAssistant Director:Réka BudaváriDirected by:Viktor Bodó


Explicit language and nudity; for adult audience only!

The performance at the Kamra is not the adaptation of The Trial by Kafka. Even if the storyline in a sense follows the original novel, we modified all the scenes to bring the whole story closer to us, also with the intention of creating something new.

Josef K. is arrested. First he thinks that the events are a result of his colleagues’ bad joke on his birthday, but later he understands that nothing is as he has imagined. After this point his story completely lacks dramaturgical turning points. The tribunal of existence, the women who want to help him, and his own obsession more and more compel him to a battle, which he cannot win because he does not even know against whom and why he has to fight.

During the process Josef K. makes enormous efforts to go deeper and deeper, only to assist his own execution at the end, where he arrives completely out of mind, singing and dancing.

Franz Kafka is said to have burst out with laughter several times while reading his manuscript of The Trial to his friends. This is all K. could do in order to defend himself, but by wanting to trick out and escape certain rules, he also accepts their existence. There is no help for him, his only chance would be to disappear from this world. But the guard is always alert at the doorway.