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Kafka Comes To The Stage In Colorado

Although Kafka, in his novel now known as Amerika, wrote of the"Nature Theatre of Oklahoma,I'm sure he would appreciate seeing his work depicted on a stage at Colorado State University. He did enjoy the theatre, and liked actors. As for interpretations of his work, I have the feeling he would think that anyone's interpretation was a good as his own.


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Event InformationWorld premiere by Walt Jones and the cast and creative team. 

One of the most acclaimed and influential twentieth-century writers, Franz Kafka is renowned for prophetic and profoundly complex stories. His works are characterized by a grotesque vision of the world in which an individual undergoes a transformation in ways that society often finds reprehensible. 

The Kafka Projekt is a collectively-created sampling of six of Kafka's bizarre world of works, along with entries from his diaries and letters.

"Kafka's work is mysterious, hard to crack, challenging and compelling, and full of contradictions," notes project writer and director Walt Jones. "His writing, while not 'theatre,' per se, is very theatrical." 

The centerpiece of this haunting evening -- The Metamorphosis -- follows the six-legged nightmare of traveling salesman, Gregor Samsa, who awakens one morning to discover he has been transformed into a giant bug. In a dramatic flurry, Gregor scrambles over walls, furniture and down banisters (without the aid of wires or harnesses in this theatrical production), conveying the wrenching sense of a terrified creature being drained of life as our actor seems to defy gravity on the out-of-kilter set.