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Kafka Becomes A Monkey's Uncle On Stage In Regina, Canada

Yes, I finally had to make this allusion regarding the stage adaptation of Kafka's A Report To An Academy. And why not do it for my home country?

This adaptation of Kafka's short story, now entitled Kafka's Monkey, has been a hit in both London and New York. This is its Canadian premier. [DE]

Kafka’s Monkey is more than a scientific tale Jodie Sadowsky plays Red Peter in the Golden Apple production of Kafka’s Monkey, rehearsing in Regina, SK. on Friday, April 26, 2013. 

Photograph by: Bryan Schlosser , Regina Leader-Post

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Kafka’s Monkey is more than a scientific tale



Kafka’s Monkey is a piece of theatre unlike any you’ve likely seen before.

Based on Franz Kafka’s short story A Report To An Academy, Kafka’s Monkey is a one-person play that stars a monkey speaking before a scientific conference about his transformation from ape to human.

Running May 8 through 12, the Golden Apple Theatre production is directed by Ryland Alexander who feels while the show may sound slightly absurd at first glance, it’s one most folks should be able to identify with.

“The concept of the show can seem alienating at times,” he admits, “like when you tell people that it’s a story about an ape that becomes a man and people look at you and think it’s weird. Really, when you think about it, it’s a metaphor about an individual who’s gone on a journey and a struggle and has come out on the other side and is answer for it.

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