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The Elephant sees such flight.


I was walking by the harbour last evening. At dusk. It is the fall of the year and there are not too many people on the boardwalk. Lights on the far side. Lighthouse flashing from the island near the mouth of the harbour. A ship ablaze with lights from its bridge, backing into a slip in the distance. My attention was taken.

So, it was one of those times when you know something is there but you don't know what and you don't know when you first realize it.  But I knew something was there. In the sky. Approaching with a languid flight.

So, of course I thought of the Angel of Death. That's what (I realize) it immediately looked like from my first sideways glance. And then, when I looked at it dead on, it still looked liked the Angel of Death.  Long fluid wings and a skeletal thin body. A head from the mists of time. Striding ever forward through the darkening night. Aiming directly at me.