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iPad 2 Sold Out In The World

I start my new thriller with my NATO character using his iPad2. Will it be obsolete by the time I finish the novel (in - I hope - less than a year)?

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IPad 2 Sellout Sequel: This Time It’s Global

by John Paczkowski

Here’s some news sure to furrow the brows of tablet market hopefuls. Once exclusive to the States, iPad 2 stock-outs are now a worldwide phenomenon. Just two days after going on sale overseas, the successor to Apple’s original iPad is in tight supply in many of the countries where it’s just arrived at market and nowhere to be found in some of them.

Reports of stock-outs are widespread, coming in from Canada,  Germany, Australia, and Great Britain, where the iPad 2 evidently sold out in 24 hours. An ATD reader in Paris tells me that both Apple Stores in the city–Opéra and Louvre–were sold out by weekend’s end. Another in the U.K. says Apple’s Regent Street Store–which, ironically, sits across the street from Nokia’s now shuttered flagship shop–had a line “so long I expected to see the Pied Piper at its head” (see video below courtesy of Only Gizmos).

Clearly, demand for the iPad 2 is as “amazing” abroad as it is at home. Which makes you wonder if some of those early sales estimates were a bit too conservative–bullish ones, too.