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I Bring You A New Year's Goal - Read Some *Foreign* Books

Actually, this is a positive idea for any author.  Get a sense of how other cultures write - perhaps how they think. It need not influence your own writing, but then, you might find something invigourating. [DE]


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Journalist Ann Morgan embarks on a mission to read a book from every country

Morgan says she realized the vast majority of the books on her shelves were by British and American writers and set out to read a book from every country in the world over a year.

By Husna Haq


When Ann Morgan, a journalist and author in the UK, studied her bookshelf, she was surprised by what she found, and more importantly, what she didn’t – and the results inspired her to embark on a unique yearlong reading challenge.

"I looked at my bookshelves after someone made a comment making me think about my reading habits,” she told Public Radio International’s “The World.” And I suddenly realized that all the books on the bookshelves were by British or American writers. There really wasn't much else. A few Australian writers maybe, a couple of Indian novels, but nothing else really," she says.



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