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HM The Queen And Kindle

In a move which shows the British Monarch adapts quite nicely to the times, thank you, plus shows the power (and establishment) of the *new* media, the Queen's current Christmas Day speech is available on Kindle. As - apparently - a matter of course. For free. This may indeed be a coup for Amazon, but I think it a coup for this method of information delivery. And - in a reversal of usual roles - a coup for the monarch herself. God bless her.



Queen Elizabeth II speaks in her annual Christmas Day message


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The Queen's Speech heralds a new frontier for Jeff Bezos

by Ewan Spence

As the traditional Royal Christmas Message from Queen Elizabeth the Second comes to a close today, the text from this speech, and every speech Her Majesty has made since 1952, will be available for free download from the Amazon Kindle store.

It’s very much a coup for Jeff Bezos and Amazon, and with many millions of Kindle readers under Christmas Trees around the Commonwealth, it’s sure to be one of the most popular eBooks of the festive period – not least because it will be one of the few titles that will be available for free. But it’s also one of the early signs of a new territory Amazon is exploring.