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HELEN WEINZWEIG May 21, 1915 - February 11, 2010
Helen liked the Elephant.

Helen was one of those people I periodically thought of getting in touch with again. When I helped organize the Maritime Writers Workshop, I meeted-and-greeted Helen.  I remember presenting her with a strand of pearls (fake) at her reading (her book being "Basic Black With Pearls") I also shared a week of instruction with her at another MWW. I had dinner with her and her husband in Toronto. I have never felt so intellectually intimidated.

According to The Globe and Mail's William French, Weinzweig believed that many conventions of fiction, such as plot and characterization, had been expropriated by TV and movies and that many novelistic devices had been usurped by newspapers, magazines and advertising. The novelist, she argued, must move in new directions. “The writer must use words to reach an imagination not being served by other forms of print or by the camera,” she said. “The reader of his words must be invited to participate in the mental process of the writer by being challenged to explore levels of awareness triggered by his unfamiliar arrangement of words. … For myself, the freedom of dispensing with strict chronology, plots, omniscience, gives me a means of dealing with what has become a personal preoccupation – the slippery footwork required of all of us to stay balanced in the crazy, or if you're lucky, the fun house of appearance and illusion.”

Helen Weinzweig turned personal pain into beautiful prose

A therapist suggested she start writing when she was in her 40s; she did, not too much but gracefully