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Having A Famous Sister Does Not Help Author Pippa

Seems as if the days of forelock-tugging are over. It's as if all is thought about Pippa is her taut bum and her in-laws. Which is a good combination to me. However, Pippa seems to hold her own. Still, that was a pretty steep advance ... for advice.

Pippa MiddletonBAUER-GRIFFIN

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Pippa Middleton Book: The Author Confronts Critics In The Telegraph

 By Rebecca Adams



We're sure Pippa Middleton knew there would be a lot of scrutinizing eyes on her book Celebrate -- she is the sister of the future queen of England, after all. But we're not sure she was expecting how severely critics would pan her first foray into the writing world. Not only were her tips deemed obvious and simplistic, but the scathing reviews questioned her motives.

"What is the point of this thick, colourful book, except as a sort of cultural tea bag for the American market?" The Telegraph asked.

"It is clear that by writing the book Pippa set out to prove that there is far more to her than her pert bottom. But the fact is, there isn’t," The Irish Sun wroteOuch.