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I stopped my historical onion novel to write a *thriller* (yes, with Louie-the-dog) to make some money. Thriller is with a NY publisher. It's status as of yesterday was that is it " . . . moving slowly through the queue."

Over the Christmas hiatus I returned to my onion novel (the second part of a trilogy). I had stopped at the three-quarter mark, and picked up where I left off. It took an hour of writing to get back into it. Praise the Lord and praise the Muses and knock on wood and eat an onion. I finished the chapter (about twenty hand written pages), did four pages of the next chapter, and have now left it again. I hope not for as long (over a year) but one never knows.

It was pleasing to return to more literate work. It has a different rhythm, and more detailed character development, and a meandering plot. It is more comfortable. I was glad to read the whole manuscript from start to finish. I was pleased how well it holds together, and fits into the trilogy as a whole.  I luv luv luv the secondary characters who come and go as the clumps of time pass.

This week I will begin on another thriller. Same fast pace. Written from the keyboard and not the pen. Most of the same characters as the first thriller - yes, Louie-the-dog - and a devilish plot. As modern and high tech as all-get-out. With perhaps one onion meal for old times sake.