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Guaranteed Book Sales With Random House Canada Tour

Instead of a chocolate on your pillow, the price of the event includes a copy of the book on tour. This sounds positive to me. Whether it is better than a bottle of wine - I say, let's sample both.

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Random House of Canada Tests New Book Tour Model 
By Leigh Anne Williams 

Random House of Canada is experimenting with a different kind of book tour this fall--one that guarantees book sales from every person attending a launch. Working with strategic marketing partners such as Fairmont Hotels and Air Miles, the company is creating ticketed events that include a copy of the book in the price. It’s a different kind of business model, says Tracey Turriff, senior vice-president, director of marketing and communications. “There are some situations with bookstore events where even if you have a great crowd, you don’t necessarily always sell a lot of books at those events.” Granted, it may be a little easier to experiment with a national tour for author Natalie MacLean and her book Unquenchable: A Tipsy Quest for the World’s Best Bargain Wines than some other kinds of books. The events include wine-tasting and sometimes a three-course meal, and the author has a following for her wine newsletter of about 150,000 people. “This is the second book we’ve done with Natalie MacLean, and it seemed like a great opportunity, given all the connections she has and given the nature of the book, to try to do something a little different and non-traditional and innovative hopefully,” says Turriff. By the end of November, MacLean will have wined and dined with readers at 17 events across Canada and there are more planned for 2012. “Seventeen events is a lot obviously for an author to do, so one of the goals was to ensure that there are books sales for Natalie,” says Turriff. The events range in size from 50 to 250 people, and in price from C$45 to $100, with the highest including meals.