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A true story for All Hallows' Eve, although it did not happen on Halloween. I was visiting the Bay of Fundy island of Grand Manan. I had booked a room in a bed and breakfast and arrived mid-evening. I went elsewhere for a meal, but did meet the owners, and noted there were a couple of others staying there. I returned around eleven, chatted to the owners and one guest, then went up to bed. The room was top of the stairs and across a landing. Comfortably rustic with a radio. The bed was fine and I was not long getting to sleep. In the dead of the dark (no streetlights here) I was awakened by the touch of hands on me. I was sleeping on my left side. One hand was over my groin and the other on my chest. There was also the weight of a body next to me and the pressure of an arm across my side. I was initially surprised and confused but not frightened. Time probably stretched but it seems to me I lay like this for ten or fifteen seconds. Then, the very first coherent thought which came to me was that someone laying behind me could not have both arms over my body. There could not be two hands placed on the front of my body. I got out of bed very quickly and did indeed experience fear. I turned on the overhead light but saw nothing. I heard nothing. The temperature was not unusual. I was frightened and certainly uncomfortable, but I can't say that that aura was present. I went to the bathroom across the landing. The house was silent. I returned to the bedroom, thinking both of leaving the light on and turning on the radio. But then I thought that that was just giving into fear, and might encourage the fear instead of ease it, so I did neither. I did not seem to take very long to get to sleep. The next morning I went downstairs for breakfast. I heard the owner talking to two other guests as I approached the kitchen. Just as I entered she interrupted her conversation and turned to me. She said: "Let's ask him. He's the one sleeping in the haunted room." I don't know if they had been talking about ghosts or if something else had happened in the night. I relayed my experience and the owner then told the story of the house. As with many buildings on the island it had been a farm house, with the owners also fishing. It was a century or more old and left to a daughter. When she herself got old and could not look after it, her family forced her to leave, something she fought against. The present owners then bought the building and started taking in guests. However, whenever they attempted renovations, they were discouraged by having paint cans overturned, new wallpaper peeled from the wall, ladders moved, hammers and such hidden. The new owners' daughter lived next door, and looked after the house when her parents went away (trips to Florida in the winter). She inevitably had to come over to the house and close doors, turn off lights, put furniture back in place. The old woman who was forced to leave had the reputation of being a mean and unpleasant person. I don't know if she was taking a liking to me or not.
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I'd like to visit the B & B. What's its name?

Great story. Great day to relate it. Since you knew nothing of the haunted reputation of the room and, too, that you felt and didn't see the "ghost" makes this following explanation of ghosts less likely.  http://www.newsweek.com/id/165678&gt1=43002 

I sent you blog item to a friend of mine living in Maine and asked him to check out that B & B.  But I doubt he will.

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Not a Ghost of a Chance

The visit I recount happened over a dozen years ago. At the time the people running it were a couple of years from retirement (they talked of moving to Florida). So the ghost is no longer bothered by constant intruders.

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I never pass up a good ghost

I never pass up a good ghost story!

 Louise Marley

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Love it!

Thanks for commenting on my ghost story...I loved yours! I'll post another soon. Sounds to me like she very much liked you. But...wonder where the other arm had come from. Spooky music here.