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Free Internet Scan To Protect Your Web Site

Just as I don't really understand how all the images get on my TV, or what all happens when I turn the key in the car, so the machinations of my computer astound me. So, if there is a method to help keep my machine free from harm, I'll take it.

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How to Scan Your Site for Free

By Jason Boog

A  strain of malicious code can infect your personal website but remain hidden every time you access your own site.

This GalleyCat editor recently discovered malwarehidden inside the code of his personal website. When accessing his personal site at home, the malicious code was invisible. But when a friend with anti-virus protection visited the personal site, the program spotted the problem.

The moral of this story is simple: you should run a security scan on your website. We used the free Sucuri Site Check to discover what kind of malware had infected our personal site.