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Even Though Tone Deaf, Kafka Would Approve


  Hilliard Ensemble's postmodern performance at National Theater Hilliard Ensemble's postmodern performance at National Theater

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Appearing as part of Prague Spring, the Hilliard Ensemble, four British singers specializing in early vocal music, are putting their exquisite talents to a decidedly postmodern performance in I Went to the House But Did Not Enter by composer Heiner Goebbels. The piece, which Goebbels describes as "a staged concert in three tableaux," combines texts by T.S. Eliot, Maurice Blanchot, Franz Kafka and Samuel Beckett in a subtle rendering of the gray ennui and quiet desperation many feel in contemporary times. The Hilliard Ensemble appear costumed as undertakers or detectives, singing and speaking the texts by turns. The National Theater, June 2 and 3; 350-900 Kč