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Death Of A Bookstore - But Not Without Resurrection

This happens close to home (well ... a comfortable hour's walk) in downtown Halifax. It is not a startling piece of news in today's economic climate. However, it is a bookstore which I use and where (indeed) I can find my own books. This is an interesting and informative article. The videos give an excellent feel to a grand old bookstore. And there is a content, if not happy, ending.


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by Bill McEwen


A black, hardcover copy of The Hobbitthumps onto the counter of an old bank teller's window. It's accompanied by another Tolkien work and removed from a protective sleeve to be cracked open by steady hands. The practised eyes of John W. Doull, a dishevelled Santa look-a-like, inspect the old book's spine.

“I'm sure someone will want them, but I'm not really in the market for a couple of reasons right now,” Doull says with a soft laugh.

These days, the owner of John W. Doull Books has a lot on his mind. After 25 years spent accumulating stock, he's got to figure out how to move the towering stacks of poetry, non-fiction, photo-books and novels filling his store on the corner of Barrington Street and Prince from one side of Halifax to the other without losing his customer base in the process. But Doull has few other options.
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