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Dead Man Talking - Last Words From Death Row In Texas

I have what I think is a civilized solution to the death penalty. Anyone convicted of three murders should be executed.

Many murders are unique and situational acts of passion, and unlikely to be repeated. Others might be accidental, with repetition to be unlikely. My solution would also remove the execution of the wrongly, or maliciously, convicted.

But if one is found guilty three times, or one has murdered three at the same time, I am ready to part company - permanently.



Texas Department of Criminal Justice

The injection gurney, with an overhead microphone, in the execution chamber at the Walls Unit prison in Huntsville, Tex

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From America’s Busiest Death Chamber, a Catalog of Last Rants, Pleas and Apologies


HUNTSVILLE, Tex. — Karl Eugene Chamberlain went to his neighbor’s apartment that night in Dallas under the pretense of borrowing sugar. He returned later, forced her into a bedroom, bound her hands and feet, raped her and then used a rifle to shoot and kill her. His victim, Felecia Prechtl, 29, was a single mother with a 5-year-old son.

Eleven years after he was convicted of capital murder, Mr. Chamberlain, 37, was strapped to a gurney in Texas’ execution chamber at the Walls Unit prison here and was asked by a warden if he had any last words. “Thank you for being here today to honor Felecia Prechtl, whom I didn’t even know,” he told her son, parents and brother on June 11, 2008. “I am so terribly sorry. I wish I could die more than once to tell you how sorry I am.”

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