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Cut And Slice and Dice - Ways To Edit

Many writers dislike editing, looking upon it as a daunting chore. Some even think that it is not "real" writing but some sort of 'nuts and bolts' tinkering with an engine block. All authors  have to edit (yes, we do) so we should find the method best suited to our needs. Me - I luvs to edit. It is a most delightful restrictive prison that will set you free.


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Celebrate National Novel Editing Month with Kurt Vonnegut Story GridsBy Jason Boog

To celebrate National Novel Editing Month, we’ve reprinted a writing tool from a great novelist. In a tribute to Kurt Vonnegut, blogger Derek Sivers reproduced a series of story grids that the great novelist made during a New York City lecture.

Follow this link to see all the charts. These story grids are invaluable tools during the editing process.   Writers can chart their manuscript against popular and successful story arcs–deciding how much they want to deviate from a classic structure.

Here’s more about the “Cinderella” grid embedded above: “It starts with her awful life with evil stepsisters, scrubbing the fireplace. Then she get an invitation to the ball! Things look up. Then the fairy godmother makes her a dress and a coach. Even better! Then she goes to the ball, and dances with the prince! This is great! But then it’s midnight. She has to go. Oh no. Sadness. Back to her humdrum life scrubbing the fireplace. But it’s not as bad as before, because she’s had this encouraging experience. Then, the prince finds her, and the happiness factor is off the chart! Happily ever after.