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There's lots of travel in this novel. Not that I recommend the destinations.
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Which is what I was served - gratis - while sitting in the Dome Car (Observation car). Train travel, always great, has improved.

Overnight from the East to Ottawa. A cozy (yes, some might say 'too' cozy) compartment with its own toilet and shower. And the same again when I return (which was, sadly, in doubt for a few days as there was a weekend rail strike. But thank the Lord for binding arbitration). I did not relish the twenty-one hour bus trip. And I doubted the availability of champagne.

Dining was fine (I had the fish) and with three seatings there was no rush. There is always passing scenery.

I like getting off the train at those few stops where it is now allowed (trains have become security conscious). Especially at night, with the lights and bustle of  the smaller stations, and the knowledge that I will just jump aboard and be whisked away.

 For some, the noise of train travel makes sleep difficult (earplugs are provided). However, for me the sound lulls, along with the motion and the passing flashing lights. And to take an hour in the morning and watch county and towns and farms lope past is a live travelogue.

The end of the trip, also coming into a large city, is to be watched from the Dome Car. The bridges and river and finally the towering buildings overtake you. The busy morning skyline disappears as you are swallowed by the station.

Now, if they'd just offer champagne at breakfast . . .