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Maybe it takes a witch and supernatural power to generate this type of success story, but it is still great to hear that it can happen to an author. From nowhere to everywhere in a few short months. After - you know - the requisite years of actually writing. btw I, myself, am a descendant of a Salem witch who came to an unfortunate end. Just sayin'

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The June 10, 1692 hanging of Bridget Bishop

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S&S Acquires Self-Pubbed 'Life's a Witch' in Three-Book Deal  
By Calvin Reid 

Since Publishers Weekly ran a story about Brittany Geragotelis, an unrepresented aspiring writer with a self-published YA novel and a huge online following, her life has taken a dramatic turn. Geragotelis’s novel, Life’s a Witch, self-published this fall via Amazon/CreateSpace, has been acquired at auction by Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers in a three-book, six-figure deal that features an e-book prequel series to be released in 2012. Life’s a Witch will be published in fall 2013 and a sequel will be released in 2014.

The deal was negotiated by Justin Chanda, v-p and publisher of S&S Books for Young Readers and the author’s literary agent, Kevan Lyon of Marsal Lyon Literary Agency. S&S has U.S. and audio rights to the books and Gerogatelis retains foreign rights. Gerogatelis will be edited by BFYR senior editor Alexandra Cooper whose authors include Jane Yolen, Nikki Grimes and Heather Vogel Frederick. Brittany Geragotelis. Photo by Ryan GielenThe books were sold at an auction that included at least four major publishers, including Amazon, which Gerogatelis used to self-publish Life’s a Witch last year. The initial release in the deal will be a three e-book prequel series called What the Spell? slated to start in September 2012. The three e-book episodes of What the Spell? (priced at 99 cents each) will then be released as a collected book in December 2012. Life’s a Witch is the story of Hadley Bishop, descendant of a woman executed for being a witch during the Salem Witch Trials. She’s a teen witch in contemporary times and must face down an evil and supernatural presence from the past while dealing with the usual problems of a popular high school teenager. (more)