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"BookCrawler" App. Keeps Track Of Your Books If You Can't

I go back to the days of file cards in the library so I might be just a tad jaundiced about this device. Perhaps, if you have so many eBooks and use a number of different eReaders there might be cause for some eCompiler. But, really, isn't one eDevice supposed to be able to contain all the books on earth plus find the closest and bestest Donair establishment.




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Book Crawler App Organizes Books In One Place

By Dianna Dilworth 

If you are like this blogger and have a couple of different devices for eReading, and still have bookshelves crammed with print titles all around, it can be hard to get your head around which books you own and which books you want to buy or check out from the library.

For the book collector in all of us, apps like Book Crawlerexist. This $1.99 app lets you create  a digital library of all of your books and eBooks into one central library. You can add books by scanning an ISBN barcode or searching the ISBN manually. You can also access Google Books, iBooks and Kindle books using the app.