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Authors Get Naked For Sexy Calendar - Only In Canada, Eh?

Oh - yes - I am ready for my close up.  Next year's calendar is already full - so much flesh (will the leaves be of fig, or of book). However, I will put myself foreword for 2015. No wintertime shoots, please. Have the wide-angled lens at the ready. [DE]



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Prose in the nude: Canadian authors get naked for Bare It For Books calendar

by Mark Medley


It’s often said that authors bare their souls on the page. Now, some of Canada’s most successful writers are baring a little bit more for charity.

Bare It For Books is the brainchild of Allegra Young, a classical music producer, and Amanda Leduc, an author who first proposed a calendar featuring Canadian authors in the buff on Twitter this past summer.

“It’s a risky venture,” Leduc says. “A naked calendar isn’t something that you see everyday.”

Young was the first of many to enthusiastically support the project, and the two soon met over coffee to hash out the idea. They came up with a list of dream participants, and, this past September, sent an email blast to roughly 100 authors, unsure of what to expect.

“Within half an hour of sending the initial wave of emails out, we had people coming back to us saying this is a really great idea and I’d love to participate,” says Leduc, whose novel The Miracles of Ordinary Men comes out in May. Recalls Young: “We were astounded by the response we got. We right away had more than 12 people.”