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Authors - Beware or Rejoice Over ePublishing?

I dunno - I much rather have an established print publisher tend to the production and promotion of a manuscript. But, unless the eBook format is embraced with more enthusiasm than seems to be happening, traditional publication is going to be left in the eDust.

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Amanda Hocking’s e-books may change face of publishing

by Trish Crawford


Amanda Hocking’s stories about witches and vampires falling in love may be changing the face of publishing.

The college dropout from Austin, Minn, had no connection to other writers or the publishing industry when she resorted to self-publishing just over a year ago after rejections from many publishers.

First the Muppets fan just posted her books for anyone to read, then she started selling them, at low prices of 99 cents to $2.99. By late last year she was in Kindle’s million-seller e-book club along with Stieg Larsson and Janet Evanovich.

The 28-year-old signed a $1 million deal with St. Martin’s Press and is currently on a European tour promoting her books. There’s a movie option on her Trylle Trilogy and a comic book is in the works.

Has the paranormal romance writer written a new chapter in publishing?

British businessman Nicholas Read studied Hocking’s winning formula and decided he’d also make his own publishing success. His book Endworlds: Echoes of Worlds Past is sold in three instalments for $7 each. Launched in December on many e-book sites, including Kindle and iTunes, the science fiction series has more than 49,000 fans on Facebook.









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re: ePublishing: more cheers than jeers

ePublishing provides more cheers of approval than scowls of discomfort. For those with monopolistic hold on the publishing business, the water has found other cracks to break through. For independent authors, it is a convenient means to publish and get their goods to the market minus the red tape and the frustrating wait for years on end. 

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Thanks for your

Thanks for your comment.


ePublishing is certainly here and is only going to get stronger. I think every author should consider this as one route to take.