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Art Is Not Education As Regards The Work Place

Notwithstanding that art of all kinds is the true education of a civilization, don't get a Masters in Creative Writing if you want a job. Not that I am a fan of Creative Writing programs (except to give one time to write). However, to indicate that such knowledge is not academically viable for the workplace is indeed short-sighted.

Graduation Cap And Diploma

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HR Pro: ‘Master’s Degrees Often HURT an Application’

By Dianna Dilworth

In a controversial comments thread, one anonymous human resources professionaltold a writer with a creative writing master’s degree: “I work in HR and master’s degrees often HURT an application more than help, especially in entry level positions.”

Getting an MFA is creative writing or English is an impressive accomplishment, but it’s not always going to be an asset in the real world job hunt. Unless you are looking for a job in teaching, writing or publishing, an MFA could actually be seen as an obstacle to getting an entry level job.

What do you think? Recent graduate Eric Auld decided to run a job-search experiment. He posted a fake entry level job on Craigslist to check out the competition and see how many higher learning folks were applying to these jobs. He received 653 responses in one day.