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Except for the fact that an Elephant is talking to God (and being answered) there is nothing Kafkaesque about this book.

Since Red Room chose Franz Kafka as an object of their blog contest, I've added another month of my novel about Kafka's diary, KAFKA IN THE CASTLE, to my Red Room page. An interesting aspect of writing this novel (and one I did not notice until I was part way through the  manuscript) was that my real time matched the time period I was writing about. By that, I mean, that if I was writing on Tuesday, 02 February, the 02 February of Kafka's year was also a Tuesday. And this went on for two straight years of my writing time. Generally, 70% of my writing time, I did match exactly the day I was writing about.

What I was doing was filling in the missing days of Kafka's actual diaries. In the time period I had chosen, there were about twenty of his actual entries over the two year period. No one knows what happened to these entries, whether he never wrote them, or if he destroyed them (which is most probable).

It was gratifying to see the entries to this contest. Congratulations to the winners. It's an honour to have my ELEPHANT TALKS TO GOD as one of the prizes.

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Thank you, Dale!

I know I say this every week, but we got some the highest quality writing around this topic. I'm grateful that you and Maria contributed books, and for the excellent blogging from Red Room. I hope people will contribute ideas for future blog topics here, as well.

Huntington Sharp, Editor, Red Room